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Storymodelers Jumpstart the Year with the First Co-Laboratory Mini-Conference

I have been quietly checking out the curb appeal of the lab next door. As a recent Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) in the Graduate Program in International Studies (GPIS), I am careful to smile and say hello as I pass familiar faces. However, I wasn’t ready to expose myself as a baby researcher. As a part-time extrovert, I needed to get the layout of who’s who in the zoo. With curiosity as a motivator, it was time make a move, hopefully chess and not checkers.

The Storymodelers kicked off the new year with a cross-laboratory mini-conference to get to know what’s happening down the hall in the Digital Senses lab. Researchers, to include faculty, project scientists, program managers, and students from different parts of the Virginia Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center (VMASC) met to (re)establish relationships necessary to present ongoing research projects, bring new ideas to life