Every story has a model, 

                   Every model has a story


The Storymodelers's team is comprised from collaborators from different universities and based out of Virginia, Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center (VMASC) at Old Dominion University. We focus on how humans and systems interact to respond to global challenges, including forced migration, climate change, and political instability. Using computational social science, engineering, and other technical approaches, we collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to map human systems and generate practical and theoretical advancements.






How do communities cope with a crisis? Whether from environmental stressors, a sudden increase in population, or pandemics, adaptation to extreme events affects and is affected by social, economic, political, and structural factors. This project seeks to use modeling and simulation to theorize about these forces.

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2017 -

Multidisciplinary science and decision-making are necessary in our increasingly complex world. We seek to unite quantitative and qualitative data and researchers through collaborative co-creation of models. Working with scientists and researchers across domains, we incorporate ethnographic fieldwork and qualitative observations into simulation.

Game Adjustments



Cyber research incorporates more than just the computational aspects of resisting threat. In this project, we look at social, political, and economic impacts and consequences of influence in the cyber domain. We rely on game theoretic and simulation models to illuminate the interrelations between human and cyber factors.

Data Cloud


2013 -

Computer simulation shouldn't just be limited to those with computer programming capabilities. If researchers and students from across all disciplines and walks of life are going to be able to contribute knowledge in the form of models, the software shouldn't be a barrier. We design and implement modeling software that makes simulation accessible to all.