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Simulation tools should be accessible to everyone without the burden of coding languages. This project develops platforms that people of all ages, abilities, and disciplines can use to think through real-world problems and engage in modeling and simulation. Learn more about ClouDES and Metaphr.

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Simulation tools should be accessible to people of all abilities, levels of education, and backgrounds. Here are some of the tools developed to meet those needs.

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Discrete Event Simulation

ClouDES is a graphical interface that allows you to create and run discrete event simulations (DES) from your browser. Within the tool, you can imagine a narrative, conceptualize a story/model, and bring that simulation to life. If you've never created a simulation before, don't worry! The website has lots of videos, documentation, and example models to get you started.


Agent-based Modeling

Metaphr is a new take on agent-based modeling that reduces the barrier to entry by replacing computer programming with a browser-based graphical interface organized around agents, rules, and expressions. Users can quickly and easily create agent-based models, run experiments, and evaluate results. Currently in the works is an option to type a narrative of your model and allow the application to suggest a model specification for you.


Database Design for Model Traceability

Designed with multidisciplinarity in mind, Referencer is a web-based tool for organizing literature, data, theory, and assumptions as you construct a conceptual model. The tool allows inclusion of geolocated data, qualitative insights, quantitative data, and quantitative datasets. Once you've begun to connect concepts-which you can name as "actors" or "factors," you can begin to link them into relationship which then can be displayed as a networked concept map.

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Simulation 4All

Simulation 4All

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